Finished 75hard for the 2nd time yesterday.
This time around was SIGNIFICANTLY more challenging for me. About halfway through I herniated a disc in my neck. Saw specialists and all recommended surgery. The pain was excruciating and my strength in my right arm dropped by almost 50%.
I had every reason to quit. I almost did a few times, but I adjusted. I backed off the heavy weights, did as much as I could with PT’s, massage therapists, float tanks etc.
My neck is still fucked, but I completed the task.
Last year when I did it I had just had major spine surgery. Every day I wanted to quit. Every day the STORIES and EXCUSES screamed in my head. “You just had surgery, your spine is fucked, your arm is numb, you’re gonna have Permanent damage.”
Day after day the STORIES screamed at me. The pain was real. I literally put entire bags of epsom salt in a bath every night. But I learned something last time and when my disc herniated this time I knew the game. I knew how this fucking game is played.
Every time you want to level up hell opens its doors. Anything and everything to THROW YOU OFF will show up. Every ache, pain and injury will say STOP. Every STORY and EXCUSE will scream at you.
And that’s why #75hard is the most difficult MENTAL CHALLENGE I have ever encountered. I’ve completed 2 full Ironman races. I’ve had 5 MMA fights. I know pain. I know how to train hard, and I will tell you that #75hard is the single most MENTALLY intense thing I’ve ever done.
Because it’s me vs me. It’s the new me vs the old me. It’s the man who wants to grow vs the salty old bitch from yesterday. It’s the DESIRE vs the STORY.
I’m 41 years old and in the best shape of my life. My body is my weapon. It’s my only weapon and if I allow the blade to dull, I’m dead.
#75hard not only saved my life but it rewrote every story I had in my head about what’s possible for me and what my power truly is. Life was happening to me. Now I’m BUILDING MY LIFE.
My relationships are as connected as ever. My businesses are booming. My mind is clear and my heart is open.