Now is the Only Thing That Matters


The moment NOW.

Like NOW.

Not tomorrow.
Not 5 minutes.
Not yesterday.
Not next week.


Every fucking thing is happening NOW.

The child sitting next to you.
The date you are on.
The business meeting.
Reading this.
The conversation you are in.

That exact moment is all that matters.

Be there.

Yesterday is dead.
Tomorrow is not yet real.

Your mind is thinking about meetings later today.

Your mind is thinking about the drama from yesterday.



Go all in.

Absorb every single thing you can.
Give every single thing you […]

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My Air Jordan Story

Every fall before school my parents would take me shoe shopping. I had a $30 budget. This was about the time that Jordans came out. They were the shit! They were also $100. Every year I wanted to get the Jordans so bad, but I never wanted to spend $70 of my own money on them. So I never did. Kswiss and British knights were what I got.
In 40 years I’d never Owned a pair […]

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Your Purpose is Happening Now


“What’s my purpose?”
“How do I find my purpose?”


Stop looking for it.

It’s right in front of you.
It’s this exact moment.
It’s happening now.

So we can journey by looking, and looking, and looking and constantly be focused on the future for our purpose.

Or just live it right now.

Cause our PURPOSE is happening now.

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The Green Grass You Envy is Actually AstroTurf

“Comparison Is the Thief of Joy” – Theodore Roosevelt

Stop comparing yourself to other people. Whether it’s in your business, your relationships, your physical fitness, or anything else. First, it’s a great way to derail whatever it is you’re working on. Second, it’s a huge waste of time. Third, all you are actually seeing is what they want to show you. So you’re comparing yourself to a lie.

The Joneses are just as jacked up as […]

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Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Knowing that you don’t know everything is the first step toward learning.


I’m infatuated with the truth of NOT knowing. I used to think I knew it all. If I didn’t know I’d pretend I did. I’d posture as though I did. I’d talk over anyone who doubted or debated. I refused to admit that I didn’t know something. It was all about being right. It was all […]

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