My Air Jordan Story

Every fall before school my parents would take me shoe shopping. I had a $30 budget. This was about the time that Jordans came out. They were the shit! They were also $100. Every year I wanted to get the Jordans so bad, but I never wanted to spend $70 of my own money on them. So I never did. Kswiss and British knights were what I got.
In 40 years I’d never Owned a pair […]

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Your Purpose is Happening Now


“What’s my purpose?”
“How do I find my purpose?”


Stop looking for it.

It’s right in front of you.
It’s this exact moment.
It’s happening now.

So we can journey by looking, and looking, and looking and constantly be focused on the future for our purpose.

Or just live it right now.

Cause our PURPOSE is happening now.

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Sean Whalen 75 Hard

Finished 75hard for the 2nd time yesterday.
This time around was SIGNIFICANTLY more challenging for me. About halfway through I herniated a disc in my neck. Saw specialists and all recommended surgery. The pain was excruciating and my strength in my right arm dropped by almost 50%.
I had every reason to quit. I almost did a few times, but I adjusted. I backed off the heavy weights, did as much as […]
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Business Success Can Be Yours, But First You Have to Stop Listening to the Armchair Coaches

True power and business success come from making a choice, educating yourself, putting the blinders on, and making shit happen.


Do you know why most people fail in business? Because they LISTEN TO UNQUALIFIED PEOPLE. They listen to and give weight to the words of the people in the stands. The armchair quarterbacks. The people who are content sitting on the sidelines yapping at the people who are actually […]

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The Lions Den – What is it?

Why we all need a TRIBE

I was the “alpha” male who knew it all. If I did not have an answer I lied to sound like I did.

This method didn’t work out so well for me because when shit got tough, I could not bullshit my way out of serious situations.

When I joined my first mastermind/ coaching group something shifted in me. I realized a few things that forever changed my life.

1. I was not […]

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