As a coach and someone who speaks with people all around the globe, I hear this all the time. In fact, I hear these things more than anything else from people:

“I’m 100% in Sean.”
“I’m ready to change my life Sean.”
“I’m committed Sean.”

It sounds really good.

Hell, some people get so fired up and start telling me about all the grand shit they are going to do and accomplish because they are FINALLY READY!

Then I tell them to jump. To get in the ring. To write the check. To send the text message.


“Well you see Sean.”

“Ahhhhh, I thought you meant.”

“My cat ate my checkbook.”

Talking about doing shit is EASY. Talking about how you are going to radically change your life is like a sport to people. They are SO GOOD at sitting on the sidelines talking about how they would do this or that if it was them in the ring, then when I tell them to get in the ring, they come up with every excuse under the sun.

Listen, there is a BLACK AND WHITE way to tell if you are serious. If you are indeed “ready” and if your word means jack shit.

You will jump.

You will put your money where your mouth is. Literally.

After my divorce I told my perspective coach I was “ALL IN” and ready to make HUGE changes in my life.

He listened, then told me how much it was to join his program.

Ummmm. “Yea, so let me get back to you” I said.

I wasn’t ready, and I was full of shit about how much I wanted to change my life.

So did I commit? When did I actually want to change my life as much as I said I did?

When I wrote him a check.

When I put my money where my mouth was.

When was I ready to go into the deep end of the pool physically? To really push myself and overcome fears etc?

When I stepped on 4oz gloves and got in the cage to fight another man.

My words mean very little without action.

Your words mean very little without action.

As a coach, I’ll know you mean what you say and are ready to change your life as soon as I see you in the ring, or your check clears the bank.