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Lean Into the Darkness

One of the best lessons I've ever been taught. I would run from the darkness I would run from the pain. I'd mask and sedate it with momentary satisfaction. Then I was taught this lesson. LEAN INTO IT. Don't run from the fear. Don't run from the pain. Feel it. Be with it. Understand it. LEAN INTO IT. There is much to be learned in the darkness. There is much to be learned in [...]

Now is the Only Thing That Matters

NOW. The moment NOW. Like NOW. Not tomorrow. Not 5 minutes. Not yesterday. Not next week. NOW. Every fucking thing is happening NOW. The child sitting next to you. The date you are on. The business meeting. Reading this. The conversation you are in. That exact moment is all that matters. Be there. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow is not yet real. Your mind is thinking about meetings later today. Your mind is thinking about [...]

Sean Whalen 75 Hard

Finished 75hard for the 2nd time yesterday. This time around was SIGNIFICANTLY more challenging for me. About halfway through I herniated a disc in my neck. Saw specialists and all recommended surgery. The pain was excruciating and my strength in my right arm dropped by almost 50%. I had every reason to quit. I almost did a few times, but I adjusted. I backed off the heavy weights, did as much as I could [...]

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