I’ve got one shot at this life.  


I’ve got one shot to see everything I want to see and do everything I want to do.  


And it’s with that spirit that I live my life.


I may not be everyones cup of tea but that’s ok because coffee is better anyways. 😉


I have fallen flat on my face in life.

I’ve been depressed and gone bankrupt, and after my divorce many years ago I questioned if I even wanted to live.

I’ve made millions and lost millions.  


I’ve been happily married then divorced.

I started with nothing and owned hundreds of properties.

I share this with you because I know what both sides of the coin feel like, and I have questioned my own reality of why I am on this spinning rock. 

Perhaps this will give you a little better insight into why it is I CHOOSE TO LIVE LIFE ALL IN and play as BIG and as PASSIONATELY as I do.

One night in 2014 after my divorce I sat down on my bed as my kids were brushing their teeth for the night and I shared a post on Facebook that forever changed my life.

I did something in that post and very publicly that in my 35+ years on this earth I had struggled to do, and in many ways I had no idea how to do.


I shared my heart and my soul.

I shared words that were radically vulnerable. I shared a side of me that I had never really tapped into let alone put on display for the world to see.

I shared publicly that I was scared.

That I was angry.
That I felt alone.

That I had fear. 

I shared TRUTH, and that truth happened to be a lot of my darkness. It was not the “ALPHA” guy who had every answer and flexed super hard to try and impress everyone to thinking he has all his shit together.

I shared how much I hurt, how lost I felt and how confused I was.

Long story short, in a profound and divine turn of events, that post went VIRAL.

I went from having a few hundred friends on Facebook to over 35,000 followers within 10 days.

I received thousands of messages and that post was shared millions of times.

That post taught me 2 very valuable lessons that I have used over the last 8+ years to have my social media posts be engaged with hundreds of millions of times, and to have over 1 Billion views my videos.

I learned the following 2 lessons:


This dark side of me, this sacred little boy who I had hid from the world my entire life, this guy who seemed bullet proof shared his raw vulnerable truth, and MILLIONS of people RELATED TO IT. I always thought social media was the place for the perfect filter and smiling faces in Disneyland photo, but what I found was that a man who could be radically open and vulnerable could actually connect with millions of people without the perfect filter. I found that I was both light and dark, and that I need not run or hide from my darkness any longer. 


In the most heavy and depressing time of my life, when I felt radically alone and scared, when I carried the weight of feeling like I was a complete failure in life, when I shared that post and that scary truth I FELT BETTER. I felt free. I felt lighter. I felt like I had dumped this bag of rocks I had been carrying around, and now I could finally run. In a really cool way, that post sent me on a journey that not only saved my life, but helped me build that exact life you see me living right now.

After a few months I started to realize that my past and my experience of building multi million dollar businesses, being a father, husband, CEO, and going through a divorce, it all had a purpose.

God literally gave me this megaphone of social media, and I began doing what I had been afraid to do.


I won’t bore you with every little fascinating detail of the subsequent years, but as I began to rebuild myself after a 15 year career in real estate, and after inventing in and flipping over 3,700 properties across America, I found happiness and freedom like I had never felt before.

I sold every property I had and knew my path was going to not be the real estate guru, but something significantly more life altering.

I wrote a book called ‘How to Make Sh*t Happen’ that was the blueprint to what I did to radically rebuild my life and it shot straight to BEST SELLER and has sold over 750,000 copies.

One day during this journey as I was reading a magazine, 3 words came to me. More like slammed into my brain like a freight train….


It would not leave me.

I thought about this phrase and these words over and over and ended up writing it on my bathroom mirror. These 3 words LIONS NOT SHEEP became my personal mantra. I silently repeated them hundreds of times a day.

I realized that I had lived most of my life up to that point following what I had been told. Doing exactly what I had been told “successful” people do. I realized that I had never actually asked myself WHAT DO YOU WANT?

These 3 words became my living, breathing mantra.

Everything I did, everything I said revolved around LIONS NOT SHEEP.


“Am I being a LION or a SHEEP right now?”


“Is this what a LION would do?”


“Am I doing what I want or what THEY say?”


Eventually I decided to make a shirt and put these 3 words on it. I made it for me, not to sell but for me to wear and have a literal visual reminder.


One day a guy saw a photo on social of me wearing this shirt, and asked where he could get one.


That’s where it all began.


This is the beginning of this company and movement I am blessed to lead called LIONS NOT SHEEP. I found that it was my struggle and my TRUTH the connected me to people and only when I acknowledged it ALL, then was I able to be truly FREE.


Not only do we have the apparel line, but I have a coaching group called THE LIONS DEN with over 2500 members in it. I actually used to think coaching was stupid, until I realized that what saved my life was actually being coachable. It was AFTER I reached out for guidance that I truly started learning new ways of doing things.


The entire mission of LIONS NOT SHEEP is to help people become LIONS.


To live life on THEIR TERMS.


To build powerful mindsets.


To build powerful homes and families.


To scale their business or even just start their first one and to have financial abundance.


We are on a mission to live life to the fullest.


I am on a mission to live life to the fullest!


And the company and movement of LIONS NOT SHEEP is spreading around the globe with millions of followers and is becoming a tribe of incredibly powerful men, women and families who all share the same mindset.


Who just like me, WANT TO LIVE A BAD ASS LIFE!


This is just a small glimpse into my world. This is a tiny snapshot into who I am, and what I do.


If you are at all like me, and you realize just how short this life is, and you want to live every second to the fullest, join me and our tribe at LIONS NOT SHEEP on this crazy and incredible journey! 


By: Sean Whalen

  • 750,000 + Copies Sold
  • Amazon #1 Best Seller
  • Blueprint For Creating a Better Life
  • Daily Rituals for Success



    • Over 1 Billion views of his online videos across multiple social media pages.
    • 100,000,000+ fans have engaged with his posts on his social media.
    • Over 770,000 copies of his best selling book ‘How To Make Sh*t Happen‘ sold.
    • Interviewed on over 105 podcasts.

    “Go ALL in! I win big because I bet big on myself.” 

    Sean is currently working on launching a brand-new documentary that will expound more on the Lions Not Sheep mission. He hints at the documentary covering more of the beliefs and mission of the movement as he aspires to get more people on board.