Thousands of books have been written about how to get in shape, lose weight, burn fat, gain muscle, and get in the best shape of your life.
I have read and studied COUNTLESS fitness programs and worked with a dozen trainers and have come to the following conclusion on how you get ripped.
Before I share this with you I must state the following.
I am NOT a doctor.
I am NOT a certified trainer with ABC and XYZ certifications.
I am NOT a nutritionist.
I am however a 39 year old man with 3 kids, multiple businesses, 3 dogs, 6 chickens, a house payment, cell phone bill, utilities, employees, and all the other regular every day shit that regular every day people gotta deal with.
No silver spoon here.
No special genetics here.
So here is the SECRET to getting in shape according to a real dude.
#1. Eat real food.  If I can shoot it, I’ll eat it.  If I can grow it, I’ll eat it.  Processed shit is just that, shit.  Chicken, eggs, steaks, elk, deer, buffalo, fish.  Eat these things.  Eat LOTS of these things.  Anything GREEN that grows in the ground or comes from a tree/ plant/ bush etc, eat that stuff.  Eat LOTS of that stuff.
#2.  Lift heavy things, them put them down.  REPEAT.  SWEATING every day because you are moving your body is called FITNESS.  Don’t have a gym?  You are broke?  Pick up a big rock and carry it around the block 10 times.  Don’t know how to lift weights?  GOOGLE IT!  The simple act of lifting heavy things, and/ or moving your body so that it produces sweat is all you need.  PERIOD.  Fuck all the fancy shit.  Put your kid on your back and walk a mile with them.  Pick up your dog and do air squats with it.  You DO NOT need fancy gyms or weights to get in shape, you simply need to MOVE YOUR BODY so that you sweat!
Combine these 2 things and walla!  You will get in shape.
*P.S. all the comments that are about to come from all the “experts” about macros, pacros, hippos, dippos etc, and all the chubby fellas with the “certification” at your local gym who are about to school us on how to lift can shove it.  The savages that came before us over the last 10,000 years that did not have Whole Foods or Golds Gym ate REAL FOOD and LIFTED HEAVY SHIT and they outlived us, and looked better than us.  That is all the “proof” you need about what to do.  PERIOD.