First of all, you CAN NOT stop school shootings.

Just like you can not stop prostitution, drug sales, murder, bad parenting, obesity and robbery.

It would be nice to see all these things magically disappear, but as long as there are people having children there will be bad parents and as long as people have anger issues there will be murder.

Guns are a foundational part of this country.  America was founded on bloodshed, war and by men who used guns.  It’s in our DNA, laws and culture.  No matter how hard you fight this, riot or protest, you can not change the DNA of this nation.

The euphoric idealists on the planet would like you to believe it’s possible to just wave a wand or pass a law that will magically take 200,000,000+ guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens, but this will never happen.

Forget the fact the 2nd amendment (and whatever other brilliant thing our founding fathers did) to ensure these guns can never be taken, millions of men around this country just like me will never give them up and will literally die for that right.

I am a father of 3 children all in the public education system.  I am also a gun owner and no one including a government will ever take my guns.  My ability to purchase guns may become more difficult, but the truth is most guns used in this country for death and murder were purchased legally.

I don’t fear sending my kids to school, but what I do fear is illogical, uneducated and irresponsible people with a loud voice backed by profit machines called main street media get their way.

WE THE PEOPLE are a good, honest, law abiding people.  School shootings are on the rise, but this has NOTHING to do with guns, just like the obesity epidemic has nothing to do with ice cream (or any other sugary treat that has been around since we were born)


What exactly do we do to REDUCE potential violence to not only our schools but our churches, streets, homes etc?

We can’t stop gun violence, but I believe we can slow it down and in the process save many many lives that would otherwise be taken.

We can do this is 2 simple steps.

Step 1.
Get SERIOUS about the prescription drug epidemic in America.  Do you have any idea what these drugs are doing to our kids?  Chemicals proven to cause massive health issues being pumped into our children’s systems simply because they won’t sit down?  America has a MASSIVE drug problem.  And I’m not talking about the dude slinging rocks on the corner, I’m talking about the billionaire wearing a $10,000 suit running a pharmaceutical company.  If you as a parent are not willing to do anything and everything before pumping drugs into your kid, and he/she shoots up a school, that’s as much on you as them.  These little impressionable brains of our youth are being scrambled because doctors don’t give a damn about truly getting to know little Peter, but he will sure as hell will tell his mom to pump him full of chemicals right after golfing with the drug reps that so intentionally and profitably push their drugs to be prescribed.

Step 2.
Allow teachers to carry firearms.  I did not say MAKE TEACHERS CARRY GUNS, I said allow teachers who hunt and already carry and or conceal off school grounds to do the same on school property.  Again, this euphoric idea that guns and violence will magically disappear if you put some crying millennials on TV is bogus.  So let’s get real.  The only way to stop a bad guy is a good guy doing something about it.  That ain’t wishful thinking, that is REAL.  If someone breaks into your house to kill your family, that is what we refer to as a “bad guy”.  If you as a mother or father get up and stop that person by any means necessary including using a gun or knife or baseball bat, you are what we refer to as a “good guy”.  If however you lay in bed and do nothing, you and your family dies.  I for one consider myself a good guy, so I will stop at nothing to ensure a “bad guy” can not do harm to my child or your child.  Every school in America should allow teachers who already carry to carry. We could literally make this reality by the end of today.


I wish people didn’t kill other people, but my wishes and prayers and hopes don’t mean jack sh*t to a guy who is hell bent on harming someone.

Since neither you nor I can stop evil from happening, how about we do the right thing and stop damaging our children’s brains and all sense of logic and reason.  And while we are at it, let’s use some good ol’ common sense and get some more armed good guys in the picture so we can ensure that our kids at least have a fighting chance WHEN evil shows up.