Get out of your comfort zone.
Look, we are creates of habit and comfort.  We hang out and associate with people that are just like us and that is good, but that does not help you EXPAND!
If everyone in your circle is smoking the same cigars guess what?  You will never experience something new!
If your conversation is always about the same bitcoin theories, UFC fighters, cars etc, you never LEARN ANYTHING NEW!
Weirdos might be a little bit of a stretch of a word, but I think you get the point.
Find new people.  People you have NOTHING in common with, and spend time with them!
I’m in the middle of developing and building a technology company so I’m spending a lot of time around kids who love video games, coding and all the other tech bullshit I know nothing about, and have ZERO interest in.
But I’m learning A TON from these kids, and they are learning a lot from me!  It’s been a fascinating experience to spend the last year around a group of computer “nerds” that don’t hint, ride harleys or smoke stogies.  They see my company and how I can do better.  They have a skill set that has helped me refine my project in ways my friends who act and think like me never could!
So here is the skinny.
Hang out with the weirdos.  Hang out with the people that have nothing in common with you.  Spend time in places you’d not usually hang out and I guarantee if you do so with the intent to connect, learn, and add value, your mind will be absolutely blown!