The old saying is “you are who your friends are.”
I firmly believe that.  I also believe the longer we hang around people we become much like them.
Look at your immediate circle of friends.  I’m talking about the ones you see the most, either personally or professionally.  You are probably not much different than them.
If they (as a collective group, not just 1 or 2) are in shape, I bet your fitness is a priority to you and you workout as well.
If you are broke or working 9-5, chances are you are not hanging out with people who are running their own business or making a lot of money.
This is a HUGE thing to pay attention to in your life for a reason.  The reason is this.  YOU CAN CONTROL WHO YOU HANG OUT WITH, ASSOCIATE WITH, AND LISTEN TO.  You are in compete control of who you allow in your space, or what space you are in.
So the first and most immediate step in changing your life is to CHOOSE, then the nest thing is to start hanging out with people who are doing what you want to be doing, earning what you want to be earning, and living how you want to be living.
You are who you friends are.
So if you want to be a better person. you may just need to find new friends.