Why we all need a TRIBE

I was the “alpha” male who knew it all. If I did not have an answer I lied to sound like I did.

This method didn’t work out so well for me because when shit got tough, I could not bullshit my way out of serious situations.

When I joined my first mastermind/ coaching group something shifted in me. I realized a few things that forever changed my life.

1. I was not alone. I found that there were quite a few people out there that had difficult situations just like me. Many men and women were just as dark as I was and many of them had found ways to overcome a lot of the things I struggled with.
2. It was so much easier to just say “I don’t know how to do this” then find someone who did, than pretend and bang my head against the wall over and over again!
3. Having a group of people you could rely on and connect with 24/7 was almost like having a team of people with me all the time who were there to help!

This is why years later I have taken all the lessons I’ve learned and put them into my own coaching group called THE LIONS DEN.

Hundreds of people from around the globe in one group working together each and every day to master CORE 4 and create better lived for themselves and their families.

We just recently concluded a 2 day retreat for THE LIONS DEN here in Salt Lake City. (I do these spontaneous events for my private groups) The feedback and responses were overwhelming!

So many members of THE LIONS DEN working together on starting new businesses, growing their already existing business and working together to strengthen their minds, bodies and families.

Watching men and women over the last 3 years since I started this group grow not only financially but emotionally and spiritually has been life changing for me. the reason it affects me so much is because we are all in this journey together. I’m learning and growing every day, and so are the members. I”m investing in my own growth and business and these lessons I’m sharing are helping members of THE LIONS DEN grow their own world, and at the end of the day WE ARE ALL WINNING because we are part of a TRIBE.

If you feel alone and without a TRIBE just look around.

Ask yourself if the people you are associated with, hanging out with, working with etc are people who are helping you GROW. Are they pushing you to be more fit, to be more finically stable and are they building deeper relationships with you? If the answer is no, FIND A NEW TRIBE right now!

Be willing to invest. Be willing to join a group that will PUSH YOU to be a bigger and better version of yourself and the return on your investment (both time and money) will pay you an infinite return!

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