As I mentioned in my book ‘HOW TO MAKE SH*T HAPPEN’ Core 4 is the daily structure I use to get things done, eliminate chaos, and have a clear path to my goals.

CORE 4….

is the exact tool I used to go from the bottom of the barrel to building a multi-million-dollar global brand. It is the tool that took me from having a gun in my mouth to smiling non-stop.

CHAOS is the enemy of good fitness, a profitable business, deep and connected relationships, and a clear mind. CHAOS produces shitty results.

CORE 4 is literally the source and foundation of everything for me.

Every single day, every action you and I take, every experience you and I have, falls into one of 4 categories. Everything we do and experience involves our body, our relationships, our mind, and by extension our business. It is all directly connected to CORE 4.

There is nothing that happens in my day that does not fit into CORE 4. There is nothing I could create that fits outside of CORE 4.

SO, WHAT THE HELL IS CORE 4? CORE 4 is simply this:


  •   POWER – (body)
  •   PASSION – (relationships)
  •   PURPOSE – (the mind)
  •   PRODUCTION – (business)
    When we talk about CORE 4, we are talking about each of these areas in their entirety. Everything happening each day comes from – or is related to – one (or all) of these things.
  •   Your BODY.
  •   Your MIND.
  •   Your BUSINESS.

Your literal and physical BODY.
Your RELATIONSHIPS, not only intimate but family, friends, co-workers, children, etc.
Your MIND, and the ability you have to fill it with positive thoughts and valuable and useful knowledge.
Your BUSINESS, income, and financial security.
Everything that happens, every day, falls into one of these four areas. Everything you want to create or do fits within one of these four areas. Every goal you will ever set, inside CORE 4.
Every dream you ever have, inside CORE 4.
Everything from the kid’s soccer game to having sex applies to CORE 4. Every aspect of your life IS CORE 4.